A Last minute trip to Europe – try Frome

European travelSometimes life gets a little crazy and you need to just get away for a while. Suppose you have decided that Europe is the place you will visit, having never been there you may need some assistance with what to see since you really haven’t had the time to properly plan the trip. When planning a trip in a hurry especially one to Europe which is filled with amazing things to see just about everywhere there are some helpful rules that you should follow.

The first rule is to make a list even if you think you don’t need it make one anyway just in case. You’re not traveling around the block or even just out of state you are going to a different country and you must be truly prepared. Make sure your passport is current and make sure you pack all the toiletries you may need on the trip as you may not be able to find the things you need in Europe. Another helpful hint is to speak to a travel agent about discount hotels or if you are computer literate you can check online yourself for a listing of discount hotels. Also buy some travel magazines or look Europe up online to find places of interest that you would want to see. Also, remember you can get cheap flights to most European cities.

Europe is famous for their hop on hop off bus tours and you can find some that are quite reasonably priced. You can also find sights that are free and little mini-tours that will teach you more of the history of the sights than you may realize on your own.

Of course if you are visiting Europe on a budget it is probably better to stay away from the set tours and set out to do sightseeing on your own. One budget friendly idea is to grab a local map and just start walking you will get to see a beautiful city, meet the locals and maybe even run into a café or a restaurant unfamiliar to tourists. You will get a good feel for the European culture this way. Another sure fire way to save money is to use public transportation instead of using the tour buses and acting as your own tour guide, I am sure that you will meet plenty of friendly locals who can direct you to the best places to see. Lastly check for discount days or free passes for the museums though they may be a bit more crowded on those days if others have had the same idea as you but it is a good way to save money and still have an extremely rewarding trip to go home and brag about.

Welcome to the Official Frome Tourist Information Site

Frome is an historic market town in the county of Somerset in the South West of England. This site aims to provide accurate and up to date Tourist information for visitors to Frome and the area.

Frome Tourist Information Centre in the Round TowerWhether you are coming to stay or for a day out everything you need to know is here.

Frome is ideally placed as a touring centre, within easy reach of Bath, Wells, Longleat, Stourhead and many more. There is also a great deal to discover within the town. Frome has a wealth of historic and architectural interest alongside a thriving contemporary arts scene.

On this site you will find details of all types of Accommodation in Frome and the area including Hotels, Inns, and Bed & Breakfasts, Self Catering Cottages and Campsites. There is a wide selection of attractions in and around Frome and a detailed events guide offering plenty for a day out as well as information on leisure facilities and places to eat.

If you have specific queries, for instance, you are thinking of moving to the area please try the Resource Centre which is full of useful information. If you have a enquiry which is not answered here feel free to email us at Frome Tourist Information Centre for a real human response!

Feedback please let us know what you think of our site, we welcome your comments.

Frome, a nice spot for tourists!

When visiting England, one of the places your should experience is Frome, located close to the Frome River. Frome is located in the north-east, close to the city of Somerset not very far from the Mendip Hills.

Frome is a creative town with lots of creativity going on. Crafts and home made are some of the words comming to mind when thinking of Frome. In fact Frome was once named as One Best Places to Live in Britain’ by The Times.

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